COCAN 20-21


“Prestige” shuttles for journalists

The representatives of national and international media benefit from transport facilities for their travel wherever they need to in the course of their work.

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After two weeks of competition, the buses that transport journalists to the various sites of activities are credited with good points. “It is very well organized here in Cameroon, which allows us to cover the activities of the AFCON,” said a Burkinabe journalist who is used to the rotations. A daily program is established by the COCAN communication commission in all the host cities of the competition.

In Yaounde, the city where group A and group C reside, three well-made buses take turns to transport the media men and women. The departure points are the Hilton Hotel, the Jouvence International Hotel and the MINSEP. The traffic plan allows to cover all the places of interest for the press. Pre- and post-game press conferences are included in the program, as well as official training sessions and competitive matches. The atmosphere is good between the journalists of different horizons, gathered in the same bus with a single objective, an optimal coverage of the  TotalEnergies AFCON Cameroon 2021.

In the city of Douala, Algerian, Ivorian, Sierra Leonean, French, Canadian, British, German and Cameroonian journalists travel together to the sites of activities. The itinerary is well elaborated in order to make an efficient pick-up. The starting point is the Public School of Deido with stopovers at the Somatel Hotel and the Onomo Hotel where many journalists are staying.  The schedules are strictly respected, sometimes from 8:30 am to late at 11 pm.

The sites of Bafoussam and Limbe are quite special, since the buses must go around several localities, including Bangou, Bana, Bafang and Buea to allow journalists to cover the many activities taking place there. This greatly eases the task of media men and women whose bus has priority on the public highway, with its pass and its unique branding in accordance with the AFCON 2021 in Cameroon.

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