COCAN 20-21


Management of the tournament

The Head of State His Excellency Paul BIYA signed on June 4th, 2019, the decree No. 2019/295 on the organization and functioning of the Local Organizing Committee of the African Nations Football Championship (CHAN) 2020 and the African Cup of Nations Football (CAN) 2021, abbreviated “Cocan 20-21”.

Article 4 of this decree states: “for the accomplishment of its missions, the Cocan 20-21 includes a tournament management…”.

In application of Article 8 of the said text, the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, President of Cocan 20-21 signed on June 12, 2019, Decision No. 001/MINSEP/CAB on the organization and functioning of the Tournament Management whose missions are:

  • to play the role of interface between the COCAN 20-21 and the Confederation of African Football (CAF);
  • to ensure the connection (liaison) between the Technical Commissions and the Site Committees;
  • to organize and control the activity of the Liaison Officers;
  • prepare reports on the progress of the preparations for the CHAN Total 2020;
  • to prepare the meetings and to draw up the minutes of the sessions of the COCAN 20-21;
  • Ensuring the proper implementation of the decisions of COCAN 20-21;
  •  to prepare the daily reports of the CHAN Total Cameroon 2020;
  • to propose to COCAN 20-21, any measure necessary for the smooth functioning of the Technical Commissions and the Site Committees as well as for the smooth running of the CHAN Total 2020 to regularly report on its action to COCAN 20-21; 
  • To carry out any other mission entrusted to it by COCAN 20-21.

In addition, the Tournament Management :

Designs and distributes, as needed, procedural manuals defining the methodology for the development and presentation of action plans, reports and other documents expected from the Technical Committees, Liaison Officers and Site Committees, which are submitted for validation;

organize and coordinate the impregnation and training of the different categories of operational actors involved in the organization of the CHAN Total 2020.

Also on June 12, in his capacity as Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee of the African Football Championship (CHAN) Total Cameroon 2020 and the African Football Cup of Nations (CAN) Total Cameroon 2021, Prof. Narcisse MOUELLE KOMBI signed the decision appointing Dr. NHANACK TONYE David, to the position of Tournament Director. On June 14, 2019, his two deputies, namely Mrs. BITYE Chantal Thérèse, wife MANDA, and Mr. David OJONG were appointed Deputy Directors of the tournament.

By decision n°2019/326/MINSEP/COCAN20-21/P of November 22, 2019, Mr. DISSAKE MBARGA Michel was appointed Tournament Director to replace Dr. NHANACK TONYE David.

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