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Popular seaside resort

Limbe, formerly Victoria from 1857 to 1982, is a coastal town bathed by the Gulf of Biafra. Founded in 1857 on the southern flank of Mount Cameroon, it is a very popular seaside resort. It is the capital of the Fako department in the South-West region of Cameroon and has the status of an urban community made up of three common district.

Limbe is located between the sea and the mountains at the foot of Mount Cameroon on the shores of Ambas Bay. It is 70 km west of Douala, to which it is linked by the national road 3. Limbe Bay has four coastal islands, Ndame Island, Mboa Mwanja (Bota Island), Ichondi and Mondoli. It is the second-largest city in the South West region, after Buea.

The inhabitants of Limbe like to present it as “the city of friendship”. It is therefore with joy that they will welcome the visitors of the “CAN TotalEnergies” Cameroon 2021 who will discover a city shining with cleanliness. If the black sandy beaches of Limbe are not the most attractive, the city and its surroundings have something to charm their visitors. The must is undoubtedly a walk in the botanical garden, created in 1892 by the Germans for studies on certain plant species such as quinine, rubber, coffee and cocoa, and which is now a magnificent 200-hectare natural park.

[…] Korup National Park covers an area of 126,000 ha and shares a 15km border with Cross River Park in Nigeria, and is one of the oldest tropical rainforests in the world. A wildlife paradise, Korup is home to land and water turtles, nearly a hundred species of fish and reptiles, and more than 400 species of birds and butterflies. Limbe is also the remains of the slave-trading post of Bimbia, the small port of Idenau…”  (source:

The TotalEnergies 2021 CAN Group F teams and their supporters will have a breathtaking view of Mount Cameroon and the sea which will touch the difference in temperature in the two neighbouring English-speaking towns of Limbe and Buea that are hosting them. […] The 20,000-seat Limbe stadium, built-in 2014, offers a breathtaking view of the nearby Atlantic Ocean. It is a smart and modern stadium with an athletics track, a natural grass playing area, disabled access routes, state-of-the-art press facilities, two training annexe pitches and a car park.(source:

Limbe stadium

Having been the first of the stadiums provided for in the National Program for the Development of Sports Infrastructure in Cameroon to be built, the Limbe Stadium has already hosted several international matches including official matches of the Indomitable Lions A. It even knows the song when it comes to the African Cup of Nations, since Limbe Stadium was the scene of the one reserved for women, the Women’s CAN, in 2016 and the one reserved for players of the national championships, the CHAN, in early 2021.”  (source:

Location of Limbe Stadium

Hotels that will host the Can 2021 delegations


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