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The Pearl of the North

Garoua is the capital of the North region of Cameroon and the chief town of the Benue department. It was established as the Urban Community of Garoua in 2008. The city had more than 900,000 inhabitants in 2012 and is the third-largest city in the country. It was one of the first cities in Cameroon before colonisation and was the regional capital of the Grand-Nord until 1982. The main language of exchange in the city is Fulfulde.

It is located on National Road 1, 1,107 km north of the Cameroonian capital, Yaoundé. A green oasis in the heart of the bush, Garoua is the only city in Cameroon with the Benue River running through it. A pleasant and well-equipped town, it is a hub for tourist movements directed northwards to the Waza National Park and the Kapsiki region, and southwards to the Benue and Bouba Ndjida parks and the Faro reserve.

The Garoua craft centre will certainly be one of the most frequented places during the TotalEnergies Cameroon 2021 CAN. Here are exhibited and sold pieces carved by specialists in wood and metal who pass on the art of making jewellery and decorative objects from father to son. Garoua is a city of the arts but also a city of gastronomy and particularly of beef, whether grilled (Sôya) or dried (Kilichi). Thanks to the African Cup of Nations, Garoua’s hotel facilities have been expanded with the construction of the Ribadou hotel, which forms a sublime geographical figure. And what about the sports infrastructure? The Roumdé Adjia Omnisports stadium and the Poumpoumré municipal stadium have been entirely revamped.”  (source:

The Roumdé Adjia stadium, which owes its name to the eponymous district located 3km from the city centre. It now shines with lights and greenness with its impeccable natural grass. All the modern facilities are there, including the VAR facilities tested during Coton Sport’s African Cup of Nations matches, media and VIP areas, an eight-lane tartan athletics track. Roumdé Adjia has an annexed stadium which will serve as a training ground approved for the 2021 CAN.(source:

Roumdé Adjia Stadium

For the needs of the CAN 2021, the 25,000-seater stadium built-in 1978 has been completely revamped by the Portuguese constructor Mota Engil […] For a long time, Garoua was the only Cameroonian city, apart from the two megacities of Douala and Yaounde, to have a football stadium capable of hosting international matches(source:

Location of the Roumdé Adjia Stadium in Garoua

Hotels that will host the Can 2021 delegations


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