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The cosmopolitan cauldron

Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, is one of the host cities for the African Nations Championship scheduled for 4th to 25th April 2020. Located in the Gulf of Guinea, on the Atlantic Ocean, Douala is the largest city in Cameroon and the main business centre. It is the meeting point of all the country’s ethnic groups, making it Cameroon in miniature.

The country’s largest port city, it is the capital of the Littoral region. A business centre, the citadel draws its main resources from trade and industry. Douala was the first city during the colonial period and is renowned for its major tourist sites which attract foreigners every year. This is the case of :

  • The former Royal Palace “La Pagode”, built-in 1897 by King Ndoumbe,
  • The Cathedral of St Peter and Paul,
  • The Mukanda Dualal,
  • The stele of King Akwa,
  • The Temple of Bonalembe,
  • The monument of General Leclerc, the monument to the D-Day Landings, the monument to the War Dead, the statue of the New Freedom, the Douala Museum…

Another world-class stadium will be built in Japoma, a reinforced hotel park and a high-level health care facility for the economic hub, which is also the most populous city in Cameroon.

Japoma Sports Complex

The exterior charm combines harmoniously with the interior comfort that the 50,000 spectators likely to be seated in the fully covered stands will appreciate.

Built by the Turkish group Yenigun, which delivered it in 2019, the Japoma sports complex has, in addition to the main stadium with fully covered stands, two annexe stadiums with 2,000 seats each and an Olympic swimming pool with 1,000 seats and 8 lanes.

Access to the complex, especially on the south and west sides, required the construction of two-lane roads. It is a new world on the right bank of the Dibamba River that has emerged in Japoma, the village of one of the greatest legends of world football, Albert Roger Milla.” (source:

Location of Japoma Stadium in Douala

Hotels that will host the Can 2021 delegations


Ticket sales sites in Douala

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