COCAN 20-21


Central Commissions

On the 30th and 29th October 2019, the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Chairman of Cocan 20-21 signed decisions No. 184/MINSEP/Cocan 20-21/P and No. 187/MINSEP/Cocan 20-21/P appointing members of the Technical Commissions for CHAN 2020, pursuant to Decree No. 2019/295 of June 4th on the creation, organization and functioning of the Local Organizing Committee of CHAN 2020 and CAN 2021. The chairmen of the 16 technical commissions are listed below:

Finance, Customs and Insurance Commission: Mr. TANJOH Jerry NAAH

Transport and Logistics Commission: Mr. MESSINA Gerald Marie

Ticketing Commission: Mr. MESSINA Gerald Marie

Communication Commission: Mr. MBENGUE MUSSY Abel

Marketing Commission: Mr. BEKONO MVONGO Bruno

Reception and Protocol Commission: Mr. BILOA TANG Alain Titus

Accommodation and Catering Commission: Mr. TAYBE NGABA

Medical Commission: Pr. NDAM NJITOYAP Elie Claude

Security Commission: Representative MINAT

Mobilization and Volunteering Commission: Dr. NGOA NGUELE Daniel

Animation and Cultural Events Commission: Dr. EBAL MENYE Edmond

Competition Commission: Mr. Carl ENOW NGACHU

Infrastructure Commission: Mr. EWANE François Félix

Telecommunications and ICT Commission: Mr. ALABATENA Robert

Translation and Interpretation Commission: Mr. BOUSOMOG Antoine

Monitoring Commission: Mr. BENGA Zachée Robert Théophile.

Each technical commission has two vice-presidents, two reporters and members.

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