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Transit city

The city of Bafoussam is located on the Mlem River and is served by National Road 4, 294 km north of the capital Yaoundé.

The crossroads position makes Bafoussam a transit town for food products to other neighbouring regions (North-West and Far-North) and other countries bordering Cameroon (Nigeria), and in turn contributes to rural development, particularly through agriculture, livestock, the environment and the protection of nature, forests and wildlife. It is a centre for the evacuation of agricultural, craft and manufactured products. It plays other functions, notably: the transit of secondary products, services, local products, quaternary.

Given the cosmopolitan nature of the urban area, the majority of Cameroon’s ethnic groups can be found there, even though there is a relative majority of so-called indigenous populations in the rural area. These indigenous majorities are essentially Bamilekes. The cohabitation of all these populations is harmonious.

Bafoussam, an agglomeration of more than a million inhabitants, has boosted its urban architecture and accommodation capacity with the coming of the African Cup of Nations football tournament: to the Zingana hotel, which will be the Caf HQ, have been added in the outlying villages and for the stay of the qualified teams, the slightly older Vallée de Bana hotel and Tagidor Garden, the new attraction built in Bangou. Visitors to Bafoussam will come by road or by plane, the state has restored the airport located in the village Bamoungoum” (source:

The new Bafoussam stadium is located in Kouekong, 16km from the city centre of Bafoussam on the road to Foumbot. This 20,000-seater stadium opened in 2016 and has since been the venue for international matches in various categories, with its first official match pitting Cameroon against Zambia in April 2016 as part of the African Cup of Nations Under-17 qualifiers.(source:

Kouekong Stadium, source

The Kouekong-Bafoussam stadium is a modern infrastructure that meets the requirements of international bodies. Natural grass, dressing rooms, media areas, hospitality area, electronic board, giant screens, lighting are all up to standard and have been tested again to be validated before the start of the CAN TotalEnergies Cameroon 2021.”  (source:

Localisation stade de Kouekong à Bafoussam

Hotels that will host the Can 2021 delegations


Ticket sales sites in Bafoussam

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